JTS provides a wide range of services across the Residential, Commercial and Industrial industries. Whether you are renovating your workplace, replacing a light socket, installing video surveillance equipment, or remodeling your home, JTS’s team of experienced, licensed electricians have the skill and expertise to complete your project. Our b ase contracting services include the following:


  • Power Distribution

  • Lighting Systems

  • Ballast and lamp replacement

  • Energy Management Systems

  • Site & Parking Lot Lighting

  • Security Lighting

  • Maintenance Contracts

  • Fire and Security Systems

  • Lighting Control Systems

  • Design Build Services

  • Service Upgrades

  • Facility Inspections

  • Equipment Hook-ups


Electrical & Lighting Services - UAE

Photo: City Walk, Phase 1 - Meras


JTS provides technical design, consulting and management of show systems (including audio, video, projection, show control, lighting, special effects and mechanical systems) for theme park attractions and other entertainment venues.

We take our direction from the needs of the show design, and we are experts at gently deriving the needs from the creative team and owner’s staff. Put us on the team, and see what we can do!


Our experience spans both indoor and outdoor theme parks, attractions, theaters, exhibits and dark rides.  We utilize our skills and knowledge to integrate technology into the very fabric of the attraction and are known in the industry to be flexible and professional in our design and fabrication process.


We manage the build vendors through their fabrication and installation phase keeping a keen eye on site progress and activities to ensure the seamless installation of equipment.  We program shows and provide management of technical vendors and coordinate the activities to support the creative efforts of the artistic team members.


  • Specialty show technologies we provide include:

  • Water Effects, Waterfalls and Water Play

  • Misting and Fog Systems

  • Low Smoke and Fog Systems

  • Fog & Smoke “Blasts” or Rolling Clouds

  • Wind Effects

  • Scent and Smell Effects

  • Lightning and Tesla Coil

  • Special Effects and Show Lighting Systems


Electrical & Lighting Services - UAE

Photo: Super Croc - Dubai Mall


Lighting can account for up to 40% of a facilities electrical demand.  Increase efficiency, decrease heat emissions, environmental benefits and saving money are a few of the benefits of upgrading to an energy saving lighting option.


LED’s have transformed and revolutionized the lighting industry, the last three years in particular.  Front-trending traditional lamp sources three years ago such as CFL’s have literally disappeared with no lamp technology able to hide, even decorative filament lamps are gone forever.  


The challenge faced by designers and facilities mangers, however, is the broad spectrum of quality and proliferation of LED manufacturers within the industry.  Saving energy can be straight forward enough  but maintaining a high visual aesthetic in a five star hotel with LED’s can be very difficult.   


Our unique affiliation with award winning CD+M Lighting Design Group means that we approach our retrofit projects the same way CD+M designers do with high attention to CRI, shadow play, brightness, dimming compatibility, glare, and distribution.  This ensures your projects are not only energy efficient but also visually stunning.


Electrical & Lighting Services - UAE

Photo: Souk Al Bahar


JTS offers both consulting and maintenance programs to ensure your lighting systems are managed and maintained properly which is a largely misunderstood practice in the UAE.  


Group re-lamping, proper cleaning, focus & aim of equipment, diming interface and programming are all elements of well maintained lighting systems all of which must work cohesively to create a vibrant space. 


Electrical & Lighting Services - UAE

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